Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Every business relies on IT, a strong technical infrastructure and systems enables you to stay efficient and competitive in your industry. Unfortunately, the costs of maintaining an up to date, secure and reliable IT infrastructure can be extremely costly to your business. Especially if you need to employ an IT department. This is where CST come in, we are a managed service provider specialised in supporting small, medium or enterprise sized businesses. Using CST, you gain all the benefits of an IT department at a fraction of the cost.

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What Managed Services does a Small Business need?

There are many comprehensive services that your business may need, these could include network management, cybersecurity, software updates, data backup & technical support. The main focus from the beginning is to create and ensure that you have the best IT infrastructure and systems possible so that you and your colleagues can focus on what you do best.


The Benefits of Managed IT Services for your Business

Cost Savings

The main advantage, especially for small businesses is the huge cost savings you experience from outsourcing your IT needs. CST offer completely bespoke IT Support packages to ensure all your IT needs and solutions are met.

Proactive Maintenance

We continuously monitor your IT infrastructure so that we can identify and resolve any potential problems or incidents before they can affect your business. This proactivity can massively help maintain productivity in your workplace.

Enhanced Security

Cybersecurity is becoming an ever-growing issue in the modern world of businesses. You’ll need an MSP, like CST to introduce robust security measures to keep your data protected.

Increased Efficiency

When your staff doesn’t need to worry about or fix IT issues, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.


As your business grows, so will your IT needs. Whether this is an upgrade in systems, or an entirely new IT infrastructure CST are ready. Our IT services are completely scalable to your business’ needs.

Other IT Solutions

We have mentioned some of our most popular methods of IT support above, but the options are endless and always bespoke to what we think will help your business. Our team will be happy to take your call to see how we can support your business and help it grow.

Our IT support services can help smaller businesses, expanding businesses and large businesses throughout the UK. Call 01628 531400 or contact us here to start your IT support journey with CST.

CST Promise

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We listen, we understand and we’re always here for you. We like to think using CST is just like having your own IT department, only better. We try harder because that’s what good suppliers do.

If you’d like to chat things through in more detail, please…

Why CST?

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Don’t wait around! 

We know how frustrating it is to be left waiting for your MSP
to help you with your IT problem, especially if it is holding you back from
accomplishing your work goals that day. We are proud of our rapid response
times where we have incorporated a system to get your issues resolved as
quickly as possible. As soon as we are aware of your issue our highly experienced
engineers will begin resolving the issue. 

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We’ve been around the block!

Being a part of CST’s IT services mean you are gaining access to a large team of highly experienced and qualified individuals. No matter the problem, we will have the in house resources to get it fixed and resolved.

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We are ready to grow with you!

As your business grows, so will your IT needs. Whether this is an upgrade in systems, or an entirely new IT infrastructure CST are ready. Our IT services are completely scalable to your business’ needs.

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Only pay for the services you need!

Every new client will experience an extensive site survey so that we can create a bespoke quote based entirely on your business’ needs and wants. Because of this, your pricing will also be bespoke to the services that you need. Many other MSP’s will offer “tiered” packages. This unfortunately often leaves you paying for some services that aren’t beneficial or required for your business.

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You are our first priority!

Discovering what you, the client, needs and delivering successful technical solutions is what we do best. Once we know your business’ needs and objectives we can prioritise all technical development and solutions around these. 

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