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Since 1993 CST have helped improve businesses Technical IT solutions across Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. We are extremely proud of our first-class customer service, quick response times and of course, the results of our work.

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Why Choose CST LTD for your IT Support

IT is important to any business’s infrastructure, if rejected it can have an extremely detrimental effect to your company. Unfortunately hiring an IT manager and IT team can be extremely costly which is why a lot of companies often delegate IT issues to their staff. This is proven to reduce productivity with staff members firefighting IT issues. This is where CST come in, we know and love IT. Our cost-effective technical IT solutions will prove to be essential to your business and it is running at maximum efficiency.

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Anti-virus, email and anti-spam products

Spam can be a nightmare within companies. Not only can some of these be potential scams looking to steal the businesses money but spam emails will take valuable time from your employees. Viruses should always be a huge concern for businesses. A virus can not only damage your equipment but also create a lot of issues with private data held within the business. CST can put the necessary procedures in place to make sure that these threats are at a minimum.

24/7 Network and Server Monitoring

Though we hope no company comes into this situation, it can happen for a list of reasons. In this event you will want to make sure that all IT services within the business are running as soon as possible. With our 24/7 network and server monitoring we are able to get to work on the issue as quickly as possible.

Office Moves and Merges

Make sure when you move offices that you have all of the necessary procedures in place. This can often include IT support to make sure that your new office can be fully operational as soon as possible.

Designing and implementing remote office solutions

For any modern business to run it is essential to have remote office solutions available to you staff. Not only is it becoming more common for staff to have remote workers full time but with the current climate it looks like remote work could be a key part of businesses in the future. You want to make sure your remote workers have everything they could possibly need, and we have the solutions to keep productivity levels up while working from home.

Full cloud-based solutions, including Office 365

Office 365 is becoming an ever-growing household name, especially as more people work form home. It’s ability to keep all of your files in cloud-based storage also adds an extra level of security, whether this be power cuts or any other reason that a document might close before saved.

Other IT Solutions

We have a vast range of IT solutions outside of the ones listed above. We recognise that each business has it’s own individual needs and we can recommend the IT solutions that will help your business progress. We like to look at how your business will grow and how CST and It’s IT solutions can grow to match your business needs. Whether you are a small, expanding or large business CST can help with all of your IT Support needs.

CST Promise

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We listen, we understand and we’re always here for you. We like to think using CST is just like having your own IT department, only better. We try harder because that’s what good suppliers do.

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