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Are you looking for an IT company that puts you first? CST specialise in delivering the highest quality IT support and technical solutions alongside first class service in Slough. We deeply care about all of our clients and want to ensure that our innovative technical IT solutions help your business for now and the future. We work with hundreds of happy clients across the UK, these range from small local businesses to global and national corporations.

Our clients love us because we are fast to react to every issue that may arise. We take great pride in our response times and understand that the smallest issue is affecting your work and we want it fixed as soon as possible! We have two teams that comprise of highly qualified technical engineers, one team is focused on all onsite issues, the other is on call to fix all remote IT issues. Both teams will work endlessly to keep your IT in top shape.

Slough IT Support Services

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Remote office solutions

As a modern business you need your staff to be able to work remotely/from home productively with access to everything they would need, just like if they were in the office. This has gone from a desirable to essential to most businesses. CST offer solutions to help make working from home as easy as possible for your remote workers.

24/7 Network and Server Monitoring

Servers and network are most likely the most important part of your IT infastrucutre within your business. You need these running in order to to take card payments, access files, access inernet and so many other vital areas to a business. We at CST have the tools ready to monitor your network and servers throughout the day at all times of the year. This means if things do fail, we are on hand to get working on fixing the problem incredibly quickly.

Office Moves and Merges

As your company grows you will likely need to move or merge offices in order to accommodate your growing number of staff. There are many different areas in an office move that if found to have any faults could cause a huge delay in your business and the office move in general. CST have dealt with many office moves across the UK and know what needs to be done for this to go as smooth as possible from an IT perspective. Our staff can do everything IT prior to your move to make sure that your business has as little down time as possible.

Telecoms and broadband

As your company grows so will your IT solutions. If you are a company that uses a large amount of bandwidth then you are likely to need a leased line to ensure that you don’t experience any connection drops or slow internet at any point throughout the day. VoIP solutions are also fantastic for all businesses. You will get a more reliable system filled with features and cheaper than other telecom solutions. Get in touch with CST to improve your telecoms and broadband systems!

Other IT Support Solutions

We know that every business is different, and our IT solutions will reflect that. The above list some of our most common but the list of IT support we can offer is endless and forever growing! Whether you are a small, expanding or large business CST have the team to help your business.

Our IT support services can help smaller businesses, expanding businesses and large businesses in Slough. Call 01628 531400 or contact us here to star your IT support journey with CST.

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